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Trilogistics Services – TLS Corp. has the experience and dedication of the client to make their shopping and shipments from the USA. Be consistently fast and affordable. We love making it easy for you to shop U.S. stores.

We a streamlined and cost-effective shipping process for all our customer to over 100 countries and territories, as Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Central America , Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland , Japan, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. Once we receive your purchases, we will notify you by email and ship your packages at up to 80% discounts to you using our competitive consolidation shipping rates!

International Shipping

  • We have partnered with International couriers to give you the best International package, parcel and envelope shipping experience.
  • Shipping an international package has never been easier. Our international shipping solutions offer the best package, parcel and envelope rates.
  • Use our exceptional rates,  Simply enter your shipping information, select our partner of international courier and you are ready to ship your package, parcel or envelope anywhere in the world through our international couriers!

Trilogistics Services – TLS Corp. offers consolidation services (we refer to it as “repack” your parcels). When we consolidate (or repack) your parcels, we take the content of the packages and put it in a single box that is as small and safe as possible and to save up to 80% on shipping charges.

In general, it makes sense to have the goods delivered to your international destination in a box that is as small as possible. When it comes to international shipments, however, the shipping charges are calculated by the weight, actual or dimensional – whichever is greater (the chargeable weight). For example: the actual weight of a package is 15KG and the dimensional weight is 25KG the chargeable weight will be 25KG.

When you are ready, so, you pay your international shipping using our competitive parcel shipping rates and get items shipped to you in one efficiently packed box and we are saving you on  your shipping!c


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